Does Seasonal Hair Loss Exist? (+ Medical Studies)

Seasonal hair loss is not a myth. Find out what makes your hair tick.
by Oxford Biolabs
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What's the Secret Behind L-carnitine-L-tartrate?

L-carnitine has numerous health benefits. It's good for fat loss, as an energy booster, and for optimal hair growth. Learn what L-carnitine can do for you.
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Why Take Supplements 3 Times a Day?

Through our research and data, we have simplified how our supplements are taken daily.
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Why Do We Have Less Hair During The Spring?

A certain level of hair loss is a perfectly natural phenomenon observed in all human beings.

TRX2 Hair Loss Treatments - Why So Silent?

Oxford BioLabs is conducting thorough research for the treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia.

7 Simple and Easy Hair Care Tips

Practical for both men and women

Nutrition and Your Hair

Every food we digest ultimately circulates throughout our entire body; including our hair.

L-Carnitine Tartrate Promotes Hair Growth

A powerful anti-oxidant, carnitine has been used to treat a variety conditions such as heart-disease and diabetes

The Complete Guide to Iron Supplements for Hair

Of all the pills and vitamins available to help one's appearance, iron supplements for hair might be the best.