Effects (on Hair Growth) of Harmful Chemicals in Hair Products
Many hair care products are very unsafe and create a toxic environment for our scalp.
by Oxford Biolabs
Hair care products are supposed to enhance the quality and texture of our hair. Unfortunately, this is not what many products that are commercially available actually do. Many hair care products are very unsafe and create a toxic environment for our scalp. If you have been using unsafe hair care products (and most people who use store-bought products have been), then it is important to give your hair a break.

Here are a couple of harsh ingredients you may not know of:

Parabens – More than 90% of cosmetics contain a preservative from the paraben family. Some of the latest research suggests that these may work as endocrine disruptors. This chemical increases the rate of breast cancer and decreases male fertility rates.
Propylene glycol – There are many warnings about propylene glycol when it is in contact with the skin. It can cause brain, liver, kidney, and other internal problems. This is the agent that is commonly used in stick deodorants, toothpaste, and most personal care products. 
Imidazolidinyl urea or formaldehyde – Formaldehyde is known to cause dermatitis, skin irritation, nerve damage, and certain cancers.
Most people are blissfully unaware that beautifying their hair with certain treatments can actually do more harm than good. Here are some of the many other factors that can cause real hair damage:
Hair Colours
Permanent coloring stays in the hair until it grows out while semi-permanent colouring washes out over a period of time. Permanent treatments can cause hair loss, irritation, redness and burning. Semi-permanent hair colouring treatments like henna are easy to use and are safer than the permanent ones. Before applying any form of colouring to your hair, be sure to test a small amount on your wrist first to see whether or not the chemical could irritate your skin.
Bleach is a color-removing substance that removes stains from the hair. This chemical lightens hair colour and may produce hair breakage or damage. Once bleach is applied, hair becomes dry and damaged looking.
Relaxers break the chemical bonds in curly hair. These products contain lye, which is known to cause hair breakage and skin irritation. Although there are no-lye straighteners available for purchase, certain irritations may still arise.
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