Your Eyelash Life Cycle
by Oxford Biolabs

Your eyelashes frame your eyes and bring definition to your face, but for many eyelash loss and thinning can be a constant concern. This can be reversed with proper attention, making them one of the most important components of your facial care routine.

Your hair follicles, including your eyelashes, are constantly being repaired and rebuilt by your body. Even though you may notice a couple falling out every day, we have over 100 upper and 50 lower eyelashes so relatively minor loss isn’t noticeable.[1] Poor eyelash care can result in loss of lashes before they reach maturity, leaving you with a thinned and unhealthy appearance.[2]

Read on for more on your eyelash life cycle and our tips on how to have full and healthy lashes.


The three stages of eyelash growth

There are three main phases to eyelash growth, named Anagen, Catagen and Telogen, same for any hair.

Each represents an important phase of hair growth or maturation. When each of these phases is healthy and supported by your personal care regimen then you can look forward to happy and healthy eyelashes.

The first phase, Anagen, represents growth. This phase lasts around a month or longer and is the time when your body is putting energy into growing a healthy length of eyelash. Remember, our eyelashes are designed to protect our eyes from the sun, wind and dirt so our body wants to grow lashes to their full potential. 

The second phase is called Catagen. This is the steady-state phase, when the eyelash has come into maturity and no longer continues to grow. You want to ensure that the majority of your eyelashes get to this stage as it gives a fuller eyelash appearance across the length of your eyelids. This level of eyelash maturity lasts for around 2 weeks.

Loss of eyelashes during the Catagen phase can mean waiting longer for new lashes to take their place. This is why your eyes need some ‘tlc’ when it comes to any treatments or daily routines. Play with your lashes too aggressively and you could find yourself with obvious eyelash gaps and slow regrowth.

The final stage is known as the Telogen phase. You may already know this as the ‘resting phase’ of an eyelash which can last for up to 9 months![3] During this phase the hair has reached maturity and begins to prepare for shedding and movement into the first phase of Anagen.


What affects your personal eyelash ‘look’?

Everyone has a natural eyelash mix, made up of new, mature and older eyelashes. Together this mix gives a range of eyelash appearance and creates your overall look.

Research shows that around 40% of your eyelashes are currently in a growth phase. Too much preening and pulling at your eyelashes could put this ratio into 80% and beyond. This is a result you will want to avoid as young eyelashes are shorter and thinner than their mature counterparts.

The opposite is also true - you don’t want eyes surrounded with only mature eyelashes. This would result in shedding and new hair and follicle growth happening all within the same week or two, returning you to the issue of thinning and weak eyelash growth.


Why are my eyelashes thinning out?

It is important to note that it is completely normal for eyelashes to fall out at the end of their natural life cycle. So if you are reading this because you happen to have noticed a loose eyelash or two there is no need to worry.

Eyelash loss can be of some concern when the rate of loss (or the number of eyelashes you are losing) is greater or more than the rate at which new eyelashes are growing and maturing.

There can be a number of reasons for this but the main culprits are poor eyelash health and eyelash mistreatment! Remember when you are applying mascara, curling your lashes and more to treat them gently.

Every time you rub your makeup off too forcefully or pull fake lashes off without thinking you are weakening the hair follicles grip. This will result in lashes falling off prematurely and giving the impression of thinning eyelashes.


How do I best look after my eyelashes?

To ensure full growth and maturity of your eyelashes, you need to look after them from the inside and out.

As we mentioned above, eyelash mistreatment will just lead to premature thinning. Make sure you always go to bed with your makeup removed, allowing your skin to breathe and repair itself after the day.

Use only natural and gentle cleaning products and avoid any tugging or pulling of the hairs, either through habit or through removing accessories like face eyelashes.

But how to ensure healthy growth form the Anagen through to the Catagen phases? Oxford Biolabs Eyelash Vitality Serum does just that by focussing on the root of eyelash health, the follicles.

By both providing key nutrients required for thicker, longer and healthier hair and protecting from negative external and environmental factors, the Vitality Serum promotes hair growth and hair retention.

The result is hair that is regenerated faster and matures for longer into fuller, thicker lashes. Instead of worrying about your eyelash health and appearance, try Oxford Biolabs Eyelash Vitality Serum and see real results in just 4-8 weeks.




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